Sweets By Region

You will find Happy Colours cookies, candies, and chocolates distributed throughout the entire peninsula: from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Pyrenees. We love being where culture and folklore thrive. Will you join us?

Type of Sweets

Everything here is delicious! You can tell that we prepare each of our sweets with love and care. Do you prefer cookies or candies? Chocolates? It’s so hard to choose!


Delicious chocolate bonbons with a crispy cereal center… Oh, just saying it makes your mouth water!


Assortment of butter, chocolate, and apple cookies. Irresistible! Our artisanal cookies never disappoint. See for yourself why their flavor and texture make them so, so delicious.

Surtido de galletas

Happy Colours WORLD

Welcome to the Happy Colours World! A magical world full of flavors and colors where you’ll experience a double sensation: savoring the finest artisanal and traditional products from Spain while keeping the colors of your fondest memories alive. Enjoy it with us!

DGdegusta Colection

Dive into trying our DGdegusta gourmet-delicatessen product line, such as our delicious assortments of artisan pastries or the crispy cocoa-covered chocolates (mmm…!). If we are what we eat… we want you to eat the best!


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