About Us

Our Starting Point

The origins of Balcam date back to the year 2001, when a collaboration with a group of small artisan producers began, aimed at promoting their products in various domestic and international markets.

However, it was in the year 2007 when a firm decision was made to strongly boost its development by establishing Balcam Diagonal SL, a company specialized in the select food products of artisanal and traditional origin from Spain.

Our Mission: to Rescue the authentic

We want to be a support for the promotion of all the products that are part of our gastronomic culture. Those traditional products that our parents and grandparents used to make by hand in their own homes. And all of this while preserving the ingredients and methods of preparation from the past to keep all the flavors, quality, and traditions intact.

Our Philosophy: Tradition and Quality

We take pride in our traditions. That’s why we want to dedicate the utmost effort and rigor to offer the widest range of artisanal products from our land. And all of this with a firm commitment to quality, service, and customer care.

Our Focus: Spanish Products

Spanish artisanal products are the legacy of many years of dedication and effort. They are a clear reflection of the unique characteristics and peculiarities of each region: their resources, climate, preservation methods, and culture. Without a doubt, they are synonymous with Quality and Tradition.